Product Bundle - Base Product with multiple add-on options.

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One of my aliexpress suppliers recently stopped selling a necklace I was selling with the chain and pendant together.  They now sell the pendant and chain as separate products so that people can "choose their own chain."  Is there a way for me to either:


1) Set it up so that there are two products on one page,  One for the pendant, and there is a drop down variant menu with the chains (coming from a separate product listing).

2) Set up the bundles myself and simply have one variant drop down with bundles that I have already set up (ie, pendant with no chain/ pendant with box chain/pendant with link chain)

3) Simply offer one variant (pendant with box chain) that I have bundled myself from two different product listings on aliexpress, but to my customer it looks like one product on the store.


Any of these solutions would be fine, but I don't know how to do it.  Thanks for any help!!!