Product CSV upload - Can I include collections?

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I'm in the process of putting together a CSV file to upload our first set of products. Our plan is to have Top-level categories and a small number of sub-categories - Am I correct in thinking these are called 'Type' and 'Collection' respectively when it comes to putting the info into the CSV?

And if this is correct, how do I then include the collection info on the CSV as there is no column for this?

Do these need to be set up manually in Shopify before uploading?

Apologies, I'm VERY new to shopify! Any help much appreciated!!

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The easiest way to set up categories in Shopify is to assign your products tags. You can include this as a column in your csv file. You then create automated collections in Shopify admin so when a product has a specific tag it gets added to that collection automatically which saves you the trouble of assigning a collection during csv upload:

In terms of sub categories Shopify doesn't have this type of setup in that there is no separate category tree where you define different levels of categories. Instead you would "tag" the product with both the top and sub category so it will exist in both collections. You can then build your menu around these collections:

Hope that clear things up for you. If you ever need to automate product creation and upload to Shopify you can get in touch with us as we have a product information management platform.



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