Product CSV upload - Variant Inventory Quantity - does it relate to item stock qty or sku?

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I'm a little confused about how to enter the inventory quantity on the Product CSV to upload.

I have several items that use the same raw stock item, so a T-Shirt (SKU LL001) with 3 different designs. Each design is a different line on the CSV, but as they share the same SKU, should I input the inventory quantity as 10 on all 3 lines (on the basis I have 10 t-shirts in stock ready to print onto, not 10 of each design)?

If I then sell 1 of the designs, will all 3 t-shirt designs then have a corrected inventory of 9?

I hope this makes sense!?

Thanks in advance

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CSV is full of issues


I use API


Shoot me email I'll help

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In terms of csv uploading you need to use the inventory csv import as you can no longer update inventory on the product csv upload:

For your inventory management you would need to have a separate app for this as Shopify will not update the stock values this way. You would need to have an inventory system whereby your final product is built from another product and as this gets sold it updates all linked products. We can accommodate such a solution but if you are just starting you may try to manage it through csv till you feel the need to automate the process more.



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