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@Lawrence_Beall wrote:

I've used microsoft excel to manage all that. It can be time intensive to set up the formulas at first, but once it is finished it allows you to manage all your inventory from the spreadsheet, including writing the product descriptions too.

If you're really ambitious, you can also build your own mini ERP system in Excel, using separate sheets in the document for each stage in the process (for those of you who self-manufacture, or manage manufacturing in some way).

How I do it using excel is to build a template for the product description itself:

   - use information like collections, tags, etc. as filters.

   - make a standard layout for what types of things you want to talk about, and then determine how those things vary based on the filters available.

   - write the flavor texts for the different types of things that will be said according to collection, etc.

   - build a formula that uses CONCATENATE() and if statements to put together the text for the collection.


If you are really interested my own source code, I can share that too. It is really different for every company though, so I encourage you to try out using excel and play around with CONCATENATE() and IF() to make repeatable product descriptions.

Check out my site to see the product descriptions for my products. Send me a message on the 'Contact Us' section, and I can give more advice if needed.




Hello Laurent i would be very interested in your source code please share this with me please advise how to get this info I sell jewelry products. Thank you Regards Michael

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If hiring a writer is too costly, might be the solution you're looking for. It's a tool that generates unique product descriptions with the product information you upload. After you write just one sample text and add some synonyms, it will generate hundreds of unique versions of the text for you. Surely, it saves you a lot of money and time. The creation of the texts takes as much time as a copywriter needs to write just 3 or 4 texts.



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Hi, You can get product descriptions written via our Shopify Application. We have experienced writers that will write unique descriptions that sell. While making it so easy that it feels like you are generating these descriptions via an automated process.