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I would like to see what a product description was set to when my customer ordered the product.  Is there any way I can do this?  At a certain date, I updated the content which changes slightly what and when the customer receives a product, and need to see what it was when the customer ordered...

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There is only one field for checking when a product was updated:

"updated_at": "2012-08-24T14:01:47-04:00"

To utilize this timestamp you would need to manage your product description changes outside of Shopify so it can then log these changes and track what date an order was made at which point you could then add a note to each order specifying the version of the description. You would also need to take a log of the different description versions to connect the data. You could then view the note either in Shopify or through our platform.

There is a bit of customising to do for this kind of feature and we could build the data flow and mapping. In terms of feasibility it depends if this is an ongoing requirement or just temporary as obviously no point developing this flow if it isn't something you will need long term.



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