Product Desctiptions Bullet Points v Worded Description

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I need some help. I do not know which is better for product descriptions - bullet points or worded descriptions. I have a lot of products and I have outsourced for descriptions but not all of my products have worded descriptions. 


I am thinking that the bullet points which come from my suppliers are sufficient? I have tried to word the descriptions myself but finding it hard. 


For eg:


- Ceramic Mug, Coaster and Keyring Set
- Approx 9cm Tall, 8cm in Diameter, 11 oz
- Single Coaster Approx 9cm x 9cm
- Rubber Keyring
- In a Cardboard Display Box
- Official Licensed Product




Half of the family may have gone mad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink to the honour of the house in exile.

With this ferocious dragon motif adorning your favourite cuppa, and not to mention your keys, you’ll be flying the flag until they return to take what is rightfully theirs.


Any suggestions would be welcome. 




Hey Tolu,


I suggest starting out with short description then lead into things like bullet points. At the moment your samples are too heavy on features, which is fine, but turn them into benefits. For the description, you can make it known who is it for, what are the details, where someone uses it, why someone uses it, when is it used, and how does someone use it. Don't be afraid to sell to your foxes—your target market. Go into detail. I have more suggestions on writing hot product descriptions and other things you can do to make your products convert.

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