Product Import CSV - You need to add option values for Title

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To anybody else struggling with this, I found the solution for my problem. Not even support could figure this one out unfortunately.

It seems that shopify will through these errors for numerous causing factors, as you can see on this page people were able to resolve their problems with other solutions.

Mine was the Image Position column being blank, I had configured everything on the CSV file spotlessly with the exception of leaving this column blank so I was getting these errors accusing something else being the problem where in fact there was no problem there. So there it is, make sure the Image Position column is filled out if you're adding multiple images.



HandleTitleBody (HTML)VendorTypeTagsPublishedOption1 NameOption1 ValueOption2 NameOption2 ValueOption3 NameOption3 ValueVariant SKUVariant GramsVariant Inventory TrackerVariant Inventory QtyVariant Inventory PolicyVariant Fulfillment ServiceVariant PriceVariant Compare At PriceVariant Requires ShippingVariant TaxableVariant BarcodeImage SrcImage PositionImage Alt TextGift CardSEO TitleSEO DescriptionGoogle Shopping / Google Product CategoryGoogle Shopping / GenderGoogle Shopping / Age GroupGoogle Shopping / MPNGoogle Shopping / AdWords GroupingGoogle Shopping / AdWords LabelsGoogle Shopping / ConditionGoogle Shopping / Custom ProductGoogle Shopping / Custom Label 0Google Shopping / Custom Label 1Google Shopping / Custom Label 2Google Shopping / Custom Label 3Google Shopping / Custom Label 4Variant ImageVariant Weight UnitVariant Tax CodeCost per item
pen470text...text...text...text...text...TRUETitleDefault TitleSize9  pen47030shopify1denymanual69 TRUEFALSE FALSE                kg  
pen470       Default Title 7  pen47030shopify3denymanual69 TRUEFALSE                  kg 
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Fill the csv like this !  I can partially update my product information


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Hi @Savannah_F ,


Thanks for your reply.


My client receives similar error while uploading product csv in his store but when I do the same in my development store then it uploads all products without any error,


Can you please help me out to understand why there is different behaviour of the same CSC on different stores.