Product Pages not getting indexed.

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Hello everyone!

I am having an indexing issue with my websites and I would like to know if anyone had a similar issue. If you could give me some advice I would grateful!

The website I am talking about is which has around 3k products.

The issue is, the product pages are not getting indexed. We tried adding more relevant content and waited over three weeks to see any changes, but everything remained the same - pages didn’t get indexed. Now, we’ve checked the other competitors, and they have the same amount of content on their product pages and their pages are indexed. I could get them indexed one by one but with such amount of products, that would be counterproductive. We’ve also built a modest amount of links to the website and this still didn't have any effect. We've redone the sitemap and still nothing...


I am quite desperate!

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Have you already added your store to Google Search console?


Hi Lexveh,

Google generally take 1-2 week for crawling the site. But If it has been more than 2 week. Then you have to do manual crawling.
And you can go through this link. It will help you better.

Please let me know if it works for you.

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For a quick sanity check you can always do a search in google to see if what's returned lines up with other data you have.
For example, I can see products return when I search with this:


^ pop that into the google search field and see what you get back.

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Yes! No errors either...

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I am also facing the same issue, In my webmaster account it shows URL blocked by robots.txt.

I want to allow my product pages and blog pages to be allowed by robots.txt. Let me know how I can do this?

For Example:

This URL is not getting indexed!

Same issue with all my product pages and blog pages!

Check my robots.txt page and help me in resolving this.