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Hello guys, thought I'd share some value with you as a Shopify Partner who's tried a LOT of research tools (so you don't have to).


I'm not affiliated with any of them, hence no affiliate links so lets get started.



I found this really easy to use, with some crazy good features like finding all competitor stores selling a product, theme finder, ads finder, description generator (that actually works).

Unique features are the competitors finder and the fact that it works with literally any product (not just products on the software)

It comes with around 150,000 high quality products in I think (20 categories). It pretty much does everything I need it to do for a reasonable price - very satisfied.


Comes with a Chrome Extension with some nice features like sales graph and top buyers for any product.


Downsides would probably that there is a lot of information it gives you - sometimes it can be too much


It's great, but not that cheap. If you can get the $13 a month version I'd say its worth it.


The Shopify products feature is very compelling for newbies as well. The software itself is very simple and straight to the point, the FB ads generator is okay if you're just getting started, but I'd really think you cant run successful campaigns with it.



Although the products are good, there aren't that many of them and as I'm sure NicheScraper has thousands of users, everyone is going to be selling the same thing.


In terms of unique features, the sales graphs are super cool, but in terms of downsides there aren't really too many products on here and some of the analytics can be very inaccurate.


It's kind of like nichescraper but a bit worst, at least there's more products on here though. The pricing is okay, but I can't get over the ugly interface.

Some of the products are decent but I have a feeling that ecomhunt literally just shows you products everyone else is already selling - lol.

Overall I can tell they didn't put too much effort into this tool aside from listing a tonne of products.


I find these ads so annoying, so I finally decided to try it out. Overpriced for sure, but there are a lot of products on here, about 10k.

Its a bit weird to use, and doesn't properly integrate with Oberlo - so you're stuck with the "winning products" they give you.

Has some cool features like a review generator, but I kind of feel this is going into the dishonest territory.

5) saturation inspector chrome extension

What's worst than overpriced results with little value?

Fake results. This is a complete scam in my opinion, I can't believe people are actually paying for this lol. All the results are fake, it shows products that are saturated to oblivion as not saturated. wth!


Hope you guys enjoyed and hope this helps you make an informed decision.

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A few new updates to this post: is still my number 1, but Alishark has stopped working for some reason.

Alihunter is another notable one but can be quite buggy.

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Thanks for the content !

I would like to add EcomXFactor to this list :)

After being in the dropshipping for more than 3 years and testing all of the platforms you've mentioned, my team and I created EcomXFactor.
EcomXFactor Gives You Everything You Need To Launch and Scale Your Ecommerce Store
(Without Wasting Time and Money Testing Products That Don’t Work).

Unlike other product research tools, we limit our user base in order to prevent saturation of our winning products.
We offer
-Potential Winning Products Hand Picked By Experts
-Copywriting Suggestions for Your Ads and Product Pages
-Facebook, Instagram and Google Targeting Suggestions
-Ready-to-Download Product Videos and Images
-Product Specific Tips and Angles for Increasing Conversion Rates and Profits
-Benchmarks and Product Related Data

Obviously I'm biased as I am the founder of this platform, but I truly believe it's the most advanced platform for product research in the market and we love hearing feedback and improving our offer based on our customers' needs.