Product Review app import, product_handle fail

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Has anyone had success importing reviews into the Product Review app?

I'm using the CSV formatted spreadsheet downloaded from the Shopify help manual:  but keep getting Error:could not find product...

I have tried all variations of the product URL and have tried importing through Firefox, Explorer, and Chrome.

This is the product I am attempting to import  using the product_handle: qms?variant=10395085443 I'm an idiot, so this is likley user error, but I am unable to find answers in the forums.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Hey, Sandra.

This is Martha from the Shopify Team. 

CSV imports can be really tricky, because everything needs to match up, just so. Make sure when you are uploading the CSV file that the headers and all content match the info and order described in this doc that you shared earlier.

The measuring spoons are really cute ;) I find the best spot to confirm the product handle is directly in the Admin.

  • Go to Products > Products and choose the Quotes Measuring Spoons.
  • Then scroll down to the Search engine listing preview section.
  • Review the green URL link should list the handle right after /products. This product should relate to the qms handle. 

If this is still giving you some grief, could you follow up with an email ( including the doc you are trying to upload? That way we could access your account and do some further troubleshooting, if necessary.

Let us know if this helps!

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Thank you for the quick response, Martha. I was pulling the product_handle suffix from the URL in my browser, not the Search engine listing preview on the Product page. I made the change and that did the trick!

And thanks for the compliment ;)



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We are importing all of our reviews from Yotpo to Shopify Reviews and having a similar issue with the product_handle field (there may be more but the import fails at that point when trying to import a sample of 9-10 reviews into Shopify Reviews. The exact error is:

9 reviews failed to import. 
Make sure your CSV file matches the format of this sample CSV template. 

Line 1 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 2 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 3 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 4 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 5 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 6 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 7 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 8 - Error: Could not find product "". 
Line 9 - Error: Could not find product "". 

The product_handle is formatted exactly as needed and I've checked multiple times that it is just the product name with dashes, such as "product-widget-blue-123" with no other characters within the product_handle field. And the product_handle column matches exactly to the Search Engine Listing Preview for the product which also matches the live product URL.

To note, I've alsoready formatted the entire spreadsheet to match exactly what Shopify illustrates on the example csv file linked from this URL:

Any advise on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Brian

Did you ever resolve this problem? I am having the exact same issue and trying to find a solution myself, so I am hoping you might have one



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Hi Traci,

So I had the same issue with Product Reviews import today, and I wasn't able to find a solution. CSV file was properly formatted, but no matter what I tried, I was getting that error over and over again, while product handles were 100% valid, no doubts about it. I tried to export existing reviews and then importing them back. I got an error message that the duplicate reviews could not be saved - which is okay, I just wanted to make sure that the system will recognize the file it exported a moment ago. So I compared two CSV files, and I found that my original CSV file was in UTF-8 BOM encoding, while the exported file was in UTF-8 encoding. Changing file encoding to UTF-8 (no BOM) did the trick for me.

I hope this will help.




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I got the products handle okay but it is saying I have duplicate reviews and can't import....all of them are different though..... 

As you can see on this page: I have two reviews that are different but when Importing it says they are duplicate??

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Have the same problem! Have you fixed that eventually? 

why the shopify doesn't do anything to fix that ?

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Tried to create the CSV with 

- Excel --> failed

- Numbers --> failed

- Google Tables --> Ding Dong Worked

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I had the same problem but fixed it in a different way.  I noticed that the sample CSV file from Shopify was in CSV (not CSV UTF-8).  I copied my data into the sample template and uploaded it... and it worked.