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Is it possible to retrieve what tags were applied to a product in past? we are adding tags for certain products under certain conditions and it will be of great help if we know when the tag is applied and when removed.

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Shopify only stores last updated timestamp of the whole product so this doesn't let you manage logs of tag changes. You would need to use a third party solution to add/edit your product tags which then upload to Shopify. The app like our product data management solution would then keep a log of tag changes for you to go back and check when a tag was added or changed. Perhaps there might be a simpler solution but we would need to know more about how you would like to utilise these product tags.



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Hi @jmukhtar 

Mixtable's Excel-like spreadsheet interface tracks historical changes for every cell. So, if you have a worksheet showing your Shopify products, including their tags, you can quickly see the changes made to your Shopify products on a per-cell basis, including tags.