Product Variant limitations / Shipping issues

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I am beside myself after only discovering a few massive oversights in the Shopfiy system after investing a LOT of time and energy creating and fine-tuning this most recent shop. Let me preface with a brief description of our products: We make custom guitar speaker cabinets. Custom means options. I wouldn't suggest using Shopify if you are making/selling a product that requires options. For each of our products, customers can choose their colors (from 12 options), if they want a speaker installed (yes or no) and their cloth color options (from 5 options). To add a speaker costs $60, the other options are no upcharge. Cabinets with speakers weigh more than cabinets without. Sound simple enough, right?

Issue One:

Each option variant populates its own line in the product page. So, 12 colors x 5 colors x Yes/No speaker = 120 options PER product. That is a LOT of data to manage for each product. To add insult to injury, Shopify caps per-product options at 100. I can not fully list any of my products. There is no work-around or solution to this VERY simple problem. My store is incomplete and there is nothing I can do about it. No item can be listed/sold with it's full list of options.

Issue Two:

Once our crippled product options are entered, if we later decide to add another option, say.. a carrying case.. we can not. Shopify tops out your NUMBER of options at 3. I hope you never need to sell an item that requires more than 3 options.

Issue Two and a Half:

Even if you only need 3, you can not add multiple options/variants once a product is created. Let's say you have an item that's only used 2 of your 3 option fields. God forbid you hit save on that product and then decide to utilize your 3rd field. You can only add ONE option to that third feild once a product is created. WHY you would ever add a single option makes ZERO sense, since one option is NOT an option! And why you can add multiples while creating a product but not while editing is also complete nonsense. It is, ironically, faster and "easier" to delete your product and start it again from scractch, populating all 3 fields before saving the first time. 

Issue Three:

You can not universally assign a monetary value to an option/variant. When people add a speaker, it is an additional $60. Easy, right? To make this happen, I have to comb through all 120 (which can't exist - see Issue One) lines of product and MANUALLY change the price of half of them (with speaker) to be $60 more. That's 60 manual edits. Multiply this workload by the 15 or so products we offer - I am now manually updating almost 900 lines of pricing. Keep in mind that almost EVERY SINGLE other platform offers assignable pricing for variants. Even free and/or terrible options like Ecwid.

Issue Four:

Shipping. FIX THIS. Not being able to assign shipping rates per product is insanity. It is a simple, basic, universal feature that quite literally every single other shopping platform offers. Good luck if you sell something very valuable that is not heavy in the same store as something heavy that is cheap. You have to create archaic shipping tiers that aren't accurate, just as a work around. 0-5lbs = $40 shipping, 10-20lbs = $10 shipping.. but what happens if someone buys two 3lb items.. whoops, instead of 2x$40 ($80), now its just $10 total. Insanity. 

So.. too late for my current store. I edited CSS endlessly and tweaked and primped and it's up and linked to Facebook etc. I'll leave it up while I decide on where to move my site. It feels crazy to write off an entire platform for a few issues, but these are CRITICAL issues that should be top priority for a company that does ONE thing. To not offer these basic selling tools on a platform this size is unforgivable.

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I understand your frustrations!  I designed a Wordpress site for a client that also had a plethora of products with different variants - colors, sizes, shipping rates, etc.

Perhaps you should have tried WordPress with Woocommerce.  Your issues mentioned can be fixed with WP and the plugin, Woocommerce. The only thing I didnt like about WP are the constant updates.

Good luck!

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What is outdated about this 4 month old post? From what I can see most of these concerns are still very valid.

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