Product Video (as Product Media) Display Issue

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Hello, my site has not published yet, I have found temporary the most suitable paid theme for my site, which is "Impulse" theme By Archetype Theme.

However, the product video (with sound) on product page in Archetype Theme plays in a pop up window, while I want it stay on the product page so customer could look at other information at the same time.

Below are what I want:

1) I want the product video with sound (as product media) in product pages of "Impulse" theme (archetype theme) play at the product page (inline display) like that in "Retina" theme (Out of the Sandbox). I don't want it to be played in a pop up window.

2) For mobile version, After the video could be played in the product page, the swiping of product media should be as smooth as that in "Retina" theme. The finger swiping to the next media even when the video is playing should be functional like that in "Retina" theme.

3) After the smooth swiping, the original video should stop and return to the beginning automatically.