Product detail issues Can not be published. Please contact Facebook for more information

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Hi, I'm very confused.


I do not violate any of the Facebook rules. I sell clothes that are not explicit. I have full copyright on it.

I can't contact the Facebook team and no information about this * bug * on their help page.


Everything worked well a few days ago; I had the shop on Facebook and open campaigns.

Then nothing. Facebook has suppressed my catalog for no reason. No explanation, either.


After that, this message appears on the app (product detail issues) but we can't contact Facebook I've tried.

By the way, I've suppressed the channel and added it again to see if the problem persists and yes.


I've used the debugger with the link of my store and they said: *Its a violation of our community standard*
(Violation of what? I'm selling T-shirts!) So after that, I've suppressed my Facebook page and created another but nothing works, its the same problem.


I think the problem is Facebook. But I really need to setup this catalog cause I need to enable the Instagram product tag for my campaign. 


If someone has a solution for that please help! Thank you.


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