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Hi, I seem to be having nothing but problems getting shopify to co-operate with the images I am uploading for products. The images themselves work and look fine enough but I am trying to cleanup image filenames for seo purposes but shopify likes to rename my images. Typically it appends '_1024x1024' to the end of my filenames which is bad enough but other times it will add '_{guid}_1024x1024'. The '{guid'} part is of course a randomly generated 36-character hex code that is making my filenames into this:

Before: Red-Ford-Mustang-LX-2012.jpg

After: Red-Ford-Mustang-LX-2012_ca13caf1-6947-4816-bc7f-f47659a0c51a_1024x1024.jpg

Why is the 1024x1024 being added to images which are certainly not 1024x1024 in dimension? And why do I sometimes get guids tacked onto the filename as well? Am I the only one experiencinging this?

Please help!

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Hey Tricky Elf,

Why is the 1024x1024 being added to images which are certainly not 1024x1024 in dimension?

Your theme would have requested an image using the 1024x1024 size. Even if your images was at most 1px x 1px the requested size would still appear at the end of the filename. If your theme asked for a 600x600 images you'd see that string appended to the end instead. Does that make sense?

Do you have a link to the product with the filenames you're talking about?

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Hi Jason,

Sorry for the late reply. I was able to figure everything out. Thank you for responding. Your comment about the theme requesting the 1024x1024 size helped me to find the code in the theme and change it to allow image filenames to remain untouched. As far as the guid goes, that I also figured out. In case anyone else is having the same problem, here is what happened. The particular image I was working with happened to already exist on the cdn server. What I mean by that is there was already a file uploaded for another product with the exact same filename. Because the same filename already existed, the new file had a guid tacked onto the end of the filename to ensure it is unique. Once I figured that out it was trivial to rename all the files properly. In the future I would love to see a prompt to say that the filename already exists instead of just adding an additional 36 character hex code onto the end of my filename.

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This helped me solved the problem I was having, thanks a lot!

As an interesting side note, the image wasn't already on my shop or anything. It was downloaded from Burst ( - Shopify's free image gallery - and this same thing happened! The guid suffix in the file name. The solution was to change the name of the downloaded image.

I guess images in Burst share the same CDN server as Shopify stores!

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Just ran into this "Shopify is adding a random GUID to the end of my image filenames" issue myself, and I can't even tell what the exact fauty behavior is, but it seems to be beyond just duplicate image filenames at special chars, such as "_" or "-".


I have 9 images for a product, named "product-image-1.jpg, product-image-2.jpg, ..." etc.

When I open a brand new, clean store, with nothing uploaded or download or installed to it, and I push a product to this new store via API, it uploads the first 5-6 images appropariately, as they are named, "product-image-1.jpg, product-image-2.jpg, product-image-3.jpg, product-image-4.jpg, product-image-5.jpg."

But then the next 4 it uploads as something like "product-image-6_isduhf-987sdf-sudhf89-8sydgf.jpg" ...


I can't figure out what it is, and all I've found so far is threads that say this is done when there is a duplicate named image.  But there are no duplicate images on the new store.  And none of the images are duplicate names on the original store, from which I'm pushing/pulling products, as I checked, and if there were, they would already have been renamed by Shopify on the original store anyway. 

I discover this when I go to use the API AFTER already uploading the products/images, to assosciate them with their variants on the new store.  

To do that I use a "map" of old store images VS the SKUs they belonged to (since on the new store, the variant/SKUs IDs have been changed), but when I go to upload them, the image filenames have been changed from the original name on the old store, to a new name, as if there were already duplicate images with the same names on the new store. 


Can't figure this out, and it's preventing me from successfully pushing all the products I need to push, without having to do a ton of manual work after.

There are also other threads about this, and I still can't find or figure out any clear answer on this:

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