Product images have vanished

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Hello, I started a shopify demo yesterday and imported 500 products and images without any mishaps. Then last night all the product images vanished. The products are all still there but sans images. I don't think that this is a themes issue as I haven't got that far yet. I had downloaded a product bundle app to have a look at and then deleted it as it wasn't suitable.
Apart from that I've just been wandering around the menus.

I realise that I can delete and re-import all my products and that might well fix it, but I would  like to know what triggered Shopify to lose all my product images. I wonder what else might routinely would be distressing to have orders vanish in the same way.

It is also proving a useful test of Shopify's support offering, as there has been a deafening silence from them so far.

Has anyone any ideas what might have caused this/is it common?.

Many thanks for any comments.