Product options with Quantity Breaks for online bottle shop?

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Hi all, I have an online specialty bottle shop where each product is a single product - or a single bottle of beer. Currently customers can add as many single beers as they like but the don't get a discount for a 4 pack or six pack - see our current option: - I'd like customers to be able to select 4 pack, 6 pack etc as per the below example with a quantity break based discount. 


I'm not sure if there is an out of the box solution to create those options and have the buttons show in a similar manner. 

A few things I need to work around;

  • All products on the site talk back to our Bricks & Mortar point of sale via a custom App. I can't mess with this, the solution needs to track the quantity of the original product - eg: a 4 Pack of Beer X needs to take 4 units from Beer X. 
  • I already use Volume Discounts by Shopacado for a discount based membership which uses customer tags to allow discounts only to them. The app won't let me create a second Quantity Breaks layer that applies to multiples of a single product - eg: 10% off when I buy 4 x Beer X. If I create that discount, the membership discounts won't work with that app. 
  • I have an AJAX cart which I would much prefer to work with than without. 

I know Bold has many apps that might deal with the problem but I'm confused as to which one might actually do the job I need it to do - or if it can create those product buttons? I have a feeling I might need something custom but just seeing if anyone had some ideas on how to tackle it.

Thanks for your time. Cheers, Matt.