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So I have been searching around for a while now about how to add product options to my store pages where a customer will maybe click on an option from a dropdown box or a radio button and that then adds to the total price of the item they're trying to purchase.
I see where other people have asked this question and the answer seems to invariably be to use an app to do it. 

This probably works out well for most people, but with the best app i've found for this particular purpose it seems to just add a field to my store pages that generates a form from some PHP script and then that adds elements and javascript which gives my products options that change the total price when an item is added to the cart.

I'd much rather be doing things with my own javascript rather than having to rely on apps which seem to depend on that company's servers being up. The custom elements they add also load after my product page has loaded which is a very jarring visual experience for customers, especially when I could be adding all the elements I need through my site's liquid and have them be loaded with the rest of the page.

So my question is whether or not it's possible for me to cut out the middleman and just do the javascript for custom product options myself without needing to use an app?


Being an app developer this is complicated.


Apps may take time to load because it is waiting for other apps to load. If you add code in the theme.liquid and prioritize their app it should load in a fraction of a second.


Check out this example.


The app is only 35kb.


You could do all this yourself, but why create something that is already built and working.