Product rental management without a datepicker

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Hi everyone. I’m looking for a solution to manage my toy rental business. It’s a little different to a standard rental/hire business because the customer does not need to select a start or end date. The rental period simply begins from the date of purchase, and then ends after 30 days. All of the rental management apps that I have found in the Shopify App Store don’t meet my specific needs.
Ideally, this is what I am after:
  • An automatic rental period of 30 days from the date of purchase (with consideration of lead time for shipping), with every order.
  • I also need to be able to change an order status from ‘fulfilled’ to ‘returned’ when the customer returns their rented items. And then to ‘processed’ when the items have been checked and cleaned. This option will ideally update the inventory.
  • The ability to send an automatic email to a customer about a week before the 30 day rental period is due to end (only if the order has not yet been marked as ‘returned’).

Any suggestions or work-arounds greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.