Products Appear then Disappear? Help

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Hi everyone,

Currently building my store and I'm finding issues with very specific products. When going to the collection page I see all products flash up and then disappear. I've tried everything and I am lost as to how I can fix this.

Example below:
When clicking into the page all my products appear and then in an instant they are gone.

Page loaded with all productPage loaded with all product


Products missing

Page loaded with missing productPage loaded with missing product


 Example of the tags I am using



This is happening for multiple product vendors and I am super lost. It's not happening to every product group but a select few. Any advice would be great!

Apps I am using:

  • CloudSearch
  • Eiz Shipping Price Calculator
  • Facebook
  • Globo Pre-Order - Preorder NOW
  • Instafeed
  • Product Reviews
  • OGO - Australian Print on Demand
  • Smart Product Filter & Search
  • Testimonial Slider