Products are unavailable even though I've made them available for my shop?

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I have these two products in particular that aren't showing up in my shop. I go to manage the product availability, turn it on for my storefront, Facebook, and Instagram, I save it, says available for 3 of 3 sales channels, then it doesn't show up in my shop. I've gone into my collections and I can see it there, I've put it where I want on the collection page, but when I'm editing the collection order it says unavailable. I can't see it or search for it on my shop, but I can get the direct link from previewing it while editing the product. When I go back to manage the product availability AFTER turning everything on, it says available for 0 of 3, but when I open the menu it has the online shop checked, even though like I mentioned it's not showing up. What is going on? The first product was a retired listing I tried to make available again, and the second product is a new listing entirely that I had turned the availability off for while editing it, and now it's just gone entirely. How do I fix this?

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Dear chloevdb,


Hope following solution will help you:

In admin section --->Product--->All products---> Select products---->Actions-->Make product available 

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Hello - were you able to resolve this issue?  We are having the same problem the steps outlined above did not work