Products import issue -- Creating variants where I don't have them

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I tried to bulk update some products by exporting my products via CSV, editing the CSV on sheets, then downloading the updated version and importing it to Shopify.

However, I'm having an issue. I did a small test before uploading the CSV with all my changes to make sure it didn't blow up my store. On the small test, all my products that I uploaded got a variant added to them, even though my "option1 name" is Title and my "option1 value" name is Default Title for these products. The variant literally gets called "Default Title" and though it doesn't show up on the product page, it's still in the product details and if it wasn't incredibly annoying to remove the variants I would just import them as is and manually do that.

The other odd thing is that when I go to import it says I have 1297 rows when I don't. I actually have 756. And there's no blank rows at the bottom.

Any help is appreciated.