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Hi, we are having an issue with shipping profiles. We have a general shipping profile already setup and different locations that we post to all setup they way we need them to be, however we are having an issue setting up so that different location can order certain products.


For instance all of our products are available in the UK, however we only stock 3 of the same products in the US and AU. If I setup a new shipping profile for the US for example, and add the 3 products into that shipping profile, it take out those products from the general shipping profile and the UK customers can no longer get them...


Is there a way where we can have all products available for one location and then only certain ones available in the US and AU also?


P.s we manually fulfil our products into Amazon FBA and do not want to download any shipping software.

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Hi there! 


This is Cara from FBA Shipping by ByteStand. Below is what we suggest to some of our customers with more complex set ups. 

To my knowledge Shopify only allows 1 SKU and 1 location to be added to each product listing on Shopify. Which makes it difficult to complete what you are doing. 

I would suggest duplicating your product listings that you need to also sell to the US and AU. You would then put these new product listings in your new shipping profiles. The only way to prevent these duplicated listings from showing on your store front is to install an app called LockSmith. (We are not owners or partners of LockSmith.) You can search for it in the app store! Lock Smith will only show the US SKUS to customers with US IP address, and the same for the UK SKUs and the AU SKUs. 

I understand you may not want to involve more software or apps but that may be your only option. Interested to see what others say as well! 


If you ever get tired of creating your own shipping rates, having to estimate shipping rates, or send fulfillment request to Amazon give our FBA Shipping app a look! We can automatically send all of your Shopify orders that contain FBA items straight to Amazon and have them do the heavy lifting! 

Here is FBA Shipping in the Shopify app store :



Hi @DBandy,

You can edit availability in the product section. Go to your product, in the Inventory section mark the Track quantity checkbox.  

The problem is you might want to upgrade your plans to enable more locations.



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