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I am new to Shopify and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on how it works not. But I am having a big problem with adding products to my store. 

Here's what's happening:

1. I'll add a product from Oberlo or manually (either way its the same result)

2. I'll add the product to a collection (I don't see an option to add the product to a particular page, just a collection which I have created)

3. The product does not appear in the collection or on any page within the website (the product, collection and page are all active and live)

4. I checked and the collection its self and the page that the collection is forwarded too are blank.

I am trying to figure; out once I add the product into Shopify, how do I add that product to either the collection its self or the collection page that it is currently forwarded to? (And again, I am selecting "add to collection on the product page and the collection, page and product are live)

Any help is much appreciated

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Hi, @jaypeak1425.

Julie here from Shopify Support. Welcome to Shopify!

I really appreciate you breaking down the steps you've been taking when adding products to collections. It sounds like you are seeing products in collections in the Products > Collections section of your Shopify admin, but not on your website. Is that right?

If yes:

This may indicate that you haven't correctly linked your collections using either your navigation settings or theme editor

If your online store has a main menu, then let's first check your navigation settings. Head on over to Online store > Navigation > Main menu. From there, double-check to make sure that you have selected the right collections and that the Filter by tag (optional) field is left blank. Ensuring this field is blank is super important, since filtering by tag means that your products won't appear unless they have a specific product tag

If this looks good, then you'll next want to check your theme editor by heading to Online store > Themes > Customize. Once there, you can edit the existing collection sections on the left sidebar, which will allow you to select a collection. Some common collection sections in themes include "Featured collection", which will display a single collection and "Collection list", which will display multiple collections. However, depending on the theme you're using, these sections may differ slightly. 

If no:

If you don't see any products in your collections within your Shopify admin, double-check to see if you have automated collections or manual collections set up. You can find out while viewing the collection in your admin by scrolling down to the Collection type section. If you're using automated collections, you will need to make sure that the products specifically meet the conditions listed there. If you're using manual collections, then you'll see the option to manually add products within that same section. 

Once you've had a chance to further investigate by following the steps above, please let me know what you see! Any additional context, including your store link, would also be super helpful. 

Since you're new to the platform, I also wanted to share our free Shopify Compass course, "Getting Started with Shopify". This course will walk you through the entire store setup process and since it's in a video format, it should be easy to follow along. In Section 1, you'll learn how to add products and collections. This might clear up any confusions you may have. 

Looking forward to your response! 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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On the RH side of the product page check that the product is set "Active" and not"Draft"

Also, if you have more than one sales point eg: Online and Facebook, check that they are both selected where it says "Sales Channels and APPs"