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I am trying to set up a promotion and have hit a roadblock.  I would like to do a site-wide sale and offer, sale details below. The issue is when I use the native Shopify promo code and test the logic it is not working the way I want. If a customer puts a preorder in stock and 3 items, not on preorder I would like the 3 items not on preorder to be discounted. Instead, Shopify says the code is not valid for any of the items. Is there a workaround or an app that would accomplish this? Ideally if someone adds a preorder and several other non preorder items to the cart the promo code will discount all non preorder items. thanks




10% off for orders $50 and over

15% off for orders $100 and over

20% off for orders $150 and over

25% off for orders over $200

Exclude any item with preorder tag

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Maybe you can try out our app Advanced Collections -


For your use case, I think you can create a collection that includes all products and exclude products with tag equals 'preorder'. Then you can create the discount codes applying to this specific collection. Whenever you add / update a product, the app will sync your collection automatically.


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