Promoting Gift Cards: Discounts and Special Offers to Drive Sales

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Gift cards can help you boost cash flow if you’re experiencing a slowdown in sales. Offering gift cards gives your community of customers, fans, and friends a way to support you right now, and share your business with people they love.


However, for your community to buy gift cards, they need to know you’re offering them. That’s why it’s important to promote your gift cards across all of your marketing channels: email, social media, your storefront, and more.

You can also help drive sales by offering discounts and promotions for customers who buy gift cards now, similar to how you’d discount a physical product.


Here are two examples that can help boost your sales right now: discounting gift cards, and offering a free gift card with other purchases.


Discounting a Gift Card


If you need cash now, and you want to offer your customers a deal on their future purchases in exchange for supporting you, discounting a gift card is a great way to achieve both goals. To set it up in Shopify:


If your discount is set to 20%, when a customer buys the $100 gift card, they’ll pay $80 and receive the full $100 on their gift card to redeem on future purchases.


Offering a Free Gift Card with Purchase


If you’re still able to ship products and you want to build a promotion, you can add gift cards to purchases over a certain amount, or purchases of a specific product using a Buy X Get Y discount code or automatic discount. To set it up:


  • Create a gift card product with at least one amount you want to offer as part of this promotion—if you want to offer a free $25 gift card, make sure you have a variant that costs $25.
  • Set up a new discount code or automatic discount, and select Buy X Get Y as the discount type.
  • Have your discount set up so that it applies when a customer buys either a minimum amount of a specific product, or a minimum purchase amount, and that they get the gift card you’re offering for free.
  • Make sure to let your customers know that to redeem the offer, they’ll need to add the gift card to their cart manually, and they’ll get the discount during checkout.

Make sure to consider if you want to limit the amount of times your discount can be used, since you’ll need to honor the gift cards in the future.


Gift cards are currently available on all Shopify plans to help businesses like yours navigate the impact of COVID-19, and customers will always be able to redeem any gift cards you sell during this time, regardless of the plan you’re on.


Add gift cards to your store today.

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