Promoting Wine Coolers by offering a free bottle of wine for every order

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I currently own a Shopify store in the Wine Cooler / Beverage Center niche. We had an idea for a promotion that we'd like to do for our wine cooler products.

This is the idea:

We'd like to promote our wine coolers by offering a free bottle of wine that comes included with every wine cooler. The idea is to ship the bottle of wine separately through a different company (we are *not* shipping the wine directly). Besides the Age confirmation popup on the website and on checkout, I'd really like to see if there's anything else that we need to do to ensure this is all legal.

I know there are certain states that don't allow inbound wine shipments, so we will exclude orders from those locations from this promotion, but I was wondering if there was an expert over at Shopify that could assist us in just making sure we are good to go with this idea.

Any insights around this would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!