Proper Revenue Recognition - Not Possible with Current Reports

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I'm having trouble determining the proper revenue recognition based on Shopify's current reports. Revenue does not equate to the date of sales receipt but is rather based on fulfillment/ship date or on the date it arrives to your customer (there's a mix in how public companies recognize). I've spoken with Shopify support and they haven't offered any actionable remedy for this using current reporting capabilities. This is an issue as I'm accepting money for items out of stock and also taking pre-orders. Sometimes one order will have one item fulfilled immediately while another portion of the order is an out of stock item. As a commonly used e-commerce tool, it is mind boggling that Shopify doesn't provide the ability to properly recognize revenue based on current accounting standards. 


Any suggestions from the community or shopify support? 

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We have this same question! Did you ever get a response from Shopify?