Purchase order management

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Hi All,

I am wondering if someone would mind giving some insight please.

We already have a business running and have now added a store with shopify. The finiance team are struggling with seeing outstanding purchase orders easily and clearly.

The ideal would be purchase orders pulling from shopify into xero. I can see and set this up for customer orders but cannot find anything relating to POs.

If anyone has any advise that would be most helpful. Even if its advising for apps within shopify for POs we do currently have one that works well but its hard to see the outstanding amounts and values easily.

Thank you all


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Hi @Jamiemoakes 

Purchasing and procurement are essential parts of the business. Therefore it should not be done with the pen-paper technique. Manual mistakes and errors can cause huge losses to the company. This will be done in an organized and automated manner.

Purchase order management is an organization's internal process for managing purchase orders. This ensures that only essential purchases are made, not unnecessary ones. This makes employees productive and ensures that costs are reasonable. Many organizations have a well-designed and established department for this.