Putting in the hours and still not as many sales as expected

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Hello! My name is mark i'm 16 years old and have a website that sells used or 2nd hand clothes. All my clothes are not damgaged and really good condition. I have been working really hard to make my website stand out and look amazing I'm learning pretty quick and i've gotten orders but only 18 when i imagined i would have a lot more by now. If you want to check out the website and see if there is any problems or anything you would fix please help me out i would appreciate it! clothingdiscounted.com 

Thank you! 

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Hi Mark, 

Your website looks cool. I love the theme. 

Looking closely, I found some things that could be made better. 

First, your URL is clothingdiscounted.com but on the homepage your header says 'ThriftOn'. That's contradictory. You don't want to confuse your customers. 

Think Amazon, Shopify, Ebay.... 

Second, I'd make shipping fee visible and right below the price of each product. 

Third, your product descriptions could be made better. Persuasive and compelling. I can help you with that. I'm an ecommerce copywriter. 

Let me know if you need my help: fouadulamin@gmail.com 

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Hi Mark! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I agree with Fouad about the different name of the domain and different of the store, for some shoppers it could be confusing as to which business they are buying from [security is a top priority for online shoppers], so I would recommend being consistent with the names / branding / anything else.

Btw. is your website hosted with Shopify or Bigcommerce?

The featured image on your homepage needs improvement - why not source a royalty free image from a website such as https://pixabay.com, add CTA and link to one of your collections? The image you currently have doesn’t give the best first impression.

The images are ok, but you would gain so much more if you photographed the products on someone else - the second hand clothing has got abilities to look mis-shapen when laying flat, so you would certainly improve your conversion rate and sales with better photos.

Footer - secondary navigation is a great idea. You have ‘Shipping & Returns’ featured twice, make sure to remove one of the links.

You mention on the shipping page you charge $4.99 per order, yet on your homepage you mentioned the shipping is $3.99 - make sure to update the details and stay consistent.


Top menu - you have misspelling in Mens - it should be Men’s - like you have in Women’s.

Contact us - consider getting a professional email address instead of gmail [trust signal]. Hyperlink your email address for a 1-click-contact.You mention about the contact form, but I couldn’t find any contact form, even clicking the page you suggested.

About us - the font is inconsistent with the rest of the website. Make sure to keep it the same style throughout the whole site. Make this page 500+ words long [Google prefers websites with plenty of content]. Optimize each page for the search engines - please watch this video tutorial How to SEO your Shopify Pages now: http://www.rockpapercopy.com/video-tutorials.html

Blog - consider blogging regularly. It’s one of the best ways to add quality SEO friendly content to your website and keep visitors for longer, while improving your Google rank.

Social media - consider actively using Facebook and Instagram to drive steady traffic to your website and be found by potential customers.

SEO score: 40/100

Your meta title and meta descriptions are empty [ these are the values visible in search results], so make sure to update them, make them Google friendly and add CTA to encourage people to click and browse your website.

There are errors in your headings [H tags], because you haven’t got enough content to optimize it - make sure to add more written content, and optimize it as suggested in the video tutorial above.

The word cloud detected that the words you currently rank for are: “Button, Add, Cart”. Please make sure to add more content with plenty of your target keywords, to rank for the phrases related to your business.


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Maggie Tuczapska

Rock Paper Copy



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And on top of improving your site, just keep up the work, be creative with your marketing and don't give up until you've reached your goals. 

Good luck bud! 

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