Quanity will net set to 0

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I’m having a problem with setting the quantity to 0 for a product. I’m using the “Theme Minimal”.

The problem is that if a product has a list of variants  (S, M, L, XL) and I set all the quantities to 0 one of the variants with remain at 1 on the web site check-out  even if set to 0 in the product editor. The customer while shopping will select the product with the quantity 1 even though the real quantity is set to 0.

 All the remaining variants will show “Out of Stock”.  The only way to correct this problem is to set the quantity to -1 manually. This will become a problem because a product will sell out resulting in 0 quantities but the web site will still reflect 1 item in the quantity to select. Also, the choice “Continue selling when out of stock “ is checked off.