Quantity language

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We sell items by the foot, by the box, and by the piece.  The quantity language on the product page is confusing for customers because sometimes they might think they are order by the piece, but it is actually by the foot.  I have how the item is sold in bold right under the add to cart button, but many people just don't read.  What I would love to be able to do is to change the quantity language depending on the product.  I know where to change the language for quantity, but it only allows for one title that is the same across the entire website.  I have asked Shopify for help and they say there are no options.  I have looked for apps that may help solve the problem, but I have not found any.  I have tried messing with the code on the product.liquid page, but no luck.  Currently, my quantity language just reads "Quantity (.....is sold by the foot).

Any ideas on how to get multiple quantity selector titles would be appreciated.