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Dear All,


Currently we are running ecommarce site in different plat form but we want to shift on shopify, please let me clear on the below few points .

1. Our current storage is 50GIB so kindly suggest which shopify plan will be suitable for us.

2. Inventory integration or API integration from Unicommarce

3. Payment gateway currently we are using CC avenue

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1 - Storage on Shopify is unlimited irrespective of which plan you choose i.e. you can have as many products/images as you want on all plans

2 - According to this page, Unicommerce has an integration to Shopify https://unicommerce.com/integrations/

3 - According to this post CC Avenue is also supported for stores based in India https://community.shopify.com/c/Payments-Shipping-Fulfillment/Is-there-any-new-update-on-CCAvenue-In...


Hope that helps.

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