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I run all my Amazon orders through Shopify using the Amazon so I can do all my shipping at once. Some of the orders I can get a better rate on by buying shipping through Amazon. 

If I fulfill an Amazon order through Shopify it sends all the shipping info to Amazon and marks that order as shipped in Amazon.

If I purchase the shipping through Amazon, it does not mark that order as fulfilled/shipped in Shopify.


Anyone have a work around for this? Its very time consuming to go back and find each order I shipped through Amazon and mark it fulfilled in Shopify.  I do 100-200 a day.


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If you create the order through Amazon you'd need an app that listens for actions on that order, then sends the information to Shopify when a ship event happens.

I'm not sure the standard Shopify / Amazon connection will do that.

I could build a custom app that does this, but you'd be better off price-wise finding an existing app.

These are the apps I use for Amazon connection:

- Amazon FBA fulfillment channel + Order Automator to auto fulfill Shopify orders with Amazon FBA.

- Codisto to import Amazon FBM orders into Shopify.

If you're doing only Amazon FBM, you might try contacting Codisto. I've been using their app for a few years, I'm not sure if it will work in your situation but worth a shot to see if they can accommodate.

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