Questions Regarding Shipping Labels

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Hi Everyone!

I am outside the USA.

I have a few questions regarding shipping labels:

> Is it possible to make my own label using software like P-touch and connect it to Shopify? If not, how do I make my own label in Shopify?

> Is it possible to automate label printing? for example when an order is fulfilled, a label is automatically printed?

Thank you in advance! The community has been a great help so far!


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Please advice.
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Hi @Abid_SL 

I've a suggestion on the labels you want to use. There are apps on Shopify that allow you to easily add your labels to your store. You can check some styles here.

In case you want something custom, you can always reach out to me. My team can help put together the design that you want - you can share the example if needed. And it can get added to the sticker library. 

Using the app is fairly simple - pick your product, select the sticker and just hit apply changes. Saves a lot of development effort. 

You can ping me if this would work for you.



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Hi there!

There are a few apps that can help you:

1.  Retail Barcode Labels  by Shopify

2.  Multi‑Label Barcodes 

3.  Barcode Man by our team

4.  Kodbar 

As I know, none of them supported P-touch software,

but you could print labels by these apps by generating pdf file


Hope it helps!