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Hi all! I'm brand new to the eCommerce scene, and I've been developing my own clothing brand for a few weeks now. 

I have a few questions about what to do, or not do, since all of my product will be made and shipped from my own home. Everything involving my store is listed as sole proprietorship, except the store name itself. Am I allowed to name my store, and use my store's name and logo on packaging, advertisement, etc. without going through the DBA process? Or does my shop literally have to be named "Ethan Smith's store" to avoid this issue?

Also, how would I go about hiding my true property address from customers? I would prefer all invoices, returns, etc. be shown as a PO box or something of the like. I've heard something about virtual mailing addresses but know nothing about them. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: also, if I live in FL, what other types of permits or licenses will be required if I ONLY function as a low inventory/output online store?

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From my research, it does appear that your business name would require your personal name unless you choose to register your DBA. You can find more information on this here. Any questions relating to whether or not you need to register your DBA in your local state would be best geared towards a local tax consultant to ensure you're getting the more accurate information. 

In terms of hiding your address, a virtual address wouldn't necessarily work if you intend to allow returns as the location would need to be able to accept packages (from my research, most virtual P.O only accept letter mail). I suspect your best route here would be to contact USPS to set up a P.O box, or source a local private mailbox company within your region. 

As for regional licensing, I'll refer you back to speak with a local tax consultant as that will be your best option to ensure you're adhering to local laws.

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