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Hello everyone, 

Hope you all are well!

So I have officially launched my online store, and I get around 1k-2k visitors from FB Ads per day, however I have yet to close my first sale. It's been two weeks!

Is there anything I can do to convert traffic?

Plus I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me advice on my website- what can I improve? Please feel free to criticise!


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Your store looks good and personally i think it would be alot better if every single product didn't have a slash through it, I would keep that to my sale section of the store or really marked down prices.

And the little gesture where the products fly in from the bottom is cool but not for every click I made I'd say keep it just to when people go on the website or not at all 

And your blog I wouldnt have it up yet if its just a blank page and slowly add more products 

Other than that good website should get orders soon! 

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it a lot :)


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Your store looks good.try to fill your logo area with some content.

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You're getting 1-2K visitors a day, and it's been two weeks, with no sales?

So you've had 14,000-28,000 people come to your site and not one person has bought? Seriously? That can't be right.. your site honestly doesn't look bad to me.

If I was going to give you some advise (I'm also trying to get my first sale) I'd say fix your footer (add more links) maybe stop letting Instagram dominate your entire homepage, I'd recommend splitting showing your categories on your homepage as well and then maybe showcasing a few products like you have. Look at for an idea of what I mean.


But I'm honestly very shocked at those numbers. You deserve sales.

All the best and good luck



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Hi, Salma! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I agree with Sunil, your store looks amazing, and with such great volumes of traffic, you should expect more sales. Well done on getting so much traffic in little time btw.

My explanation for the lack of sales could be either:

  1. Lack of trust signals - I didn’t find your shipping policy or a return policy, and your About us page is quite short. Consider adding more content with your delivery rates, worldwide shipping info, if you ship worldwide, couriers used etc. Make sure to specify your payment methods [some people prefer to use PayPal only, and shop only with the stores that offer that option]. Remember to add a detailed, unique returns policy as well with clear instructions on how to return / exchange the item. People want to be assured there is this policy in place, if something goes wrong. Look at Amazon; the reason people love shopping there, is that Amazon is famous for their excellent customer service and no-quibble refunds policy. Add a contact us page with your email address [get a professional email address through G-suite, it’s free], and a message form. Also, consider getting a professional domain name instead of .myshopify com to build your authority and trust as a brand.
  2. Traffic is not coming from the most relevant sources - perhaps the visitors to your site are just browsing and not intending to buy? Make sure to optimize your audience when setting up your Facebook ads and be as specific as possible with the location, age, gender, interests etc. to narrow down the market reach, be seen by the most relevant audience and at the same time pay only for the clicks from people who are genuinely interested in shopping for the items you offer. There's no point getting a lot of clicks, if they don't convert into sales. It's more profitable to focus only on a certain part of the audience and market to them. Perhaps your Facebook ads were not optimized enough to drive only the most serious shoppers to your store.


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