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How do I automatically shorten/concatenate the title of ALL my products @ 150 characters count, each time I import or create a product?  The reasoning behind my request is because Google Shopping has a title policy that it must be only 150 characters long, and the Google Shopping app keeps erroring out any products that have a title with more than 150 characters ... so i'm manually having to always count and shorten each product title at the 150 character mark. So can you help me limit the title length automatically? maybe there's an html code for it or a setting in shopify? please help.


I would suggest not using the Shopify built Google Shopping app and using this Google Shopping app by Simprosys InfoMedia. You can export your product titles and descriptions and then edit them in excel (whether you want to concatenate them or something else) and upload which adjust the feed but not effect anything on the site.

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When you do find an app that fits your needs, I also recommend you make your titles between 60 to 80 characters long. This is the recommended length so that the keyword strength is balanced and you get better performance when advertising.


I recommend you do a search on Google to find different management tools, as there are a few all with great features.

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Arigato can do this for you, along with a million other things. There's an Action in the app to edit basic information like this and you can use code/filters to truncate the titles if needed. You could even set up a batch to fix all existing titles if that was a problem for you. If you install, reach out using the in-app chat, happy to help.