REPORTS - Date recognised as revenue

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I just realized, because we were closed for an extended period for holiday, that shopify registers the date of a sale based on the ORDER DATE and not the FULLFILLED DATE.  This is fundamentally wrong.  A sale does not happen until I fulfill it.  There is no grey area here.  And Shopify using Order Date causes material reporting issues because if I am closed at year end or quarter end, when I fulfill an order that occured while closed if such order occured on a date equal to last year or last quarter or last month then Shopify acts like it actually happened then.  This is as CRAZY as how refunds are treated.  I should not have to hunt for reporting error in doig my accounting.  Shopify should be using basic accounting principles so us merchants dont have to hunt through all orders for Shopify errors like this.  Just crazy, did a high school student design these reports?!!