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Reports desperately needs to be updated to include over time graphing of inventory.  It is a major security problem to only have the product section for checking inventory because that is also the area that allow changes to be made.  So if a business gives responsiblity to a worker for monitoring inventory they suddenly also have the ability to change inventory levels, product descriptions, etc.  It is a license for bad behaviour.  Shopify has the inventory data so simply add to hte reports section inventory related reports, ideally over time thus allow shops to look at indivual day inventory levels or graph inventory changes over time.  It is simply a matter of taking a snap shop each day (pick a time of day and disclose that it).  The export product feature also has terrible functionalty.  I am full paying customer and cannot export only certain data.  I get the full detail and then have to goabout deleting column.  For full paying customers where is the customisation?  And do not dump it on the APP store because you are not giving losts of data to them to allow best practices in this regard.  And again, for full paying customers (that by the way make your pending IPO possible) I should not have to spend more per month on something so basic.