REST APIs to allow customer to login in mobile app using Xamarin C#

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Hi Team,


We have a web store (website ) Shopify. Now we want to develop a mobile app to allow customer for purchase goods from mobile app as they do using web application. We are targeting Hybrid mobile app technology (Xamarin using C#). We looked on Shopify community and help center and found some Rest Admin API ( and trying to consume the in Xamarin mobile app but at some point we are struck as we are not getting any REST API to make customer login or reset their passwords in the mobile app.


And some other APIs like https://{username}:{password}@{shopURL}  returning some parameter like “body_html” having product details in HTML format as given below but we need this without HTML tags so, is there any other APIs those can fulfill our requirement.


"id": 4314034470957,

            "title": "Agrilaser Autonomic Bird System",

            "body_html": "<p>The Agrilaser Autonomic can be part of a fully automated bird repelling system, providing continuous bird repelling capability after one time configuration. Lasers are a valuable tool that require a high level of technical competency. <br><br></p>\n<h4><span><strong>For product questions or to see if your company or organization qualifies for reduced dealer pricing, please reach out to us on our <a href=\"/pages/contact-flock-free\" title=\"Contact Flock Free\" target=\"_blank\">Contact Us Page</a>.</strong></span></h4>\nThe principle of repelling birds with a laser beam is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger. It appeals to the survival instinct, causing the birds to fly away. The continuous presence of the moving laser beam is a valuable tool against many bird species under low light or night time conditions. \n<ul>\n<li>Easy to deploy in every desired situation</li>\n<li>Safe for humans and birds</li>\n<li>Multiple power sources</li>\n</ul>\n<p><strong>Long range up to 2,750 yards</strong><br>The Agrilaser Autonomic enables effective bird repelling across long distances and wide areas up to 3,000 acres.<br><br><strong>Animal and environmentally friendly</strong><br>The Agrilaser Autonomic is a clean and silent solution, which is completely harmless to birds.<br><br><strong>Long-term effectiveness</strong><br>The Agrilaser Autonomic maintains its repelling effect over time.<br><br><strong>The ultimate laser beam</strong><br>Bird Control Group dedicated years of research to develop the ultimate laser beam. This was accomplished by applying a combination of highly precise optics, filtering and light frequencies. The result is exceptional performance in bird repelling while maintaining eye safety for both humans and birds.</p>\n<p><br>The Agilaser Autonomic is powered by AC power by default. To enable operation where grid power is not available, the Agilaser Autonomic can be equipped with an additional solar charging system.<br><br>Every component of the Agilaser Autonomic is carefully selected to meet high grade industrial quality standards, to ensure operation in the field with minimal maintenance.<br><br>The Agrilaser Autonomic is provided with intuitive software, enabling easy and fast configuration. The flexible nature of the Agrilaser Autonomic allows configuration of up to 3 time slots and 16 different zones, enabling bird repelling capabilty at the periods and places of your choice.</p>",



So can you please let us know what would be the best way to develop the Mobile app to allow user to purchase goods on mobile? Any suggestion on this would be very appreciate.


Thank you.