ReCharge App - Changing Fonts in Customer Portal

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Hi there!

We are currently using the ReCharge app to try and set up a subscription service, and having viewed the process of trying to amend a subscription from a customers point of view, the portal to me looks very bland and doesn't signpost well enough what I'm supposed to press if I want to make any changes. The circled lines of text in the image below are all links, but as you can see are all the same colour and text size, and in my view not clear enough that a customer should be clicking to make changes. 

I would like to change the styling of these, by changing the colour, make them bold/underlined possibly, but for the life of me can't find an article which describes what I should be doing, ReCharge also say this outside their remit to assist with. I'm hoping there is a simple-ish solution. I am no coder but have been able to follow guides on here to make some changes to code to edit box sizes, create drop-down menus and fonts in the past. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Our site is


customer portal colour change.png