ReCharge & Bundle Builder

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PLEASE HELP! We have set up the Recharge app to automatically charge for subscriptions. Then, since we aren't coders, downloaded the Bundle Builder app to create subscription bundles. Do these two app talk to each other? I have conditions, like must order 3 products on the bundle builder app that I need that Recharge doesn't do. But on the Bundle Builder app it says that it will send a reminder email to the customer so they can pay their monthly invoice and I know I wouldn't want to do that monthly. So we want use the Recharge to automatically charge them monthly.
I hope I explained this correctly. Thank you!
Now I'm unable to add a bundle to my cart under subscribe. Ahhhhhh 

You should ask bundle builder if the reminder email can be turned off and automatically charge the customer monthly. 

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Similar issue here with Bundle Builder. Looks like Bundle Builder doesn't work with other subscription apps due to a code conflict. A bit of a shame as a monthly invoice to a customer is a true subscription set-up in my mind.