Reactivate my closed shopify account

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Hi Team,

I am planning to close my Shopify account as most of my sales at the moment are coming from other sources

But I want to close it for a year or two and do not want to opt for "pause & build" plan as that also charges be around USD 9 per month

My questions are as below :

1 - If I close the account, does that mean I will not be able to reopen it or reactivate the same later on i.e., after a year or two ?

2 - If it is possible to reopen / reactivate the account after a year or two, does my data remain the way it was ?

3 - If my data is not the way it is after I reopen, what can I do to ensure that when I reopen the account I have my data back up in my account ?

This is a main question / concern !

4 - Does Shopify have a plan wherein they do not charge us anything and we do not have to close the account ? Charges should be applicable only when we run the online store or it is live & active !

When I am not running an online store, why should I pay up just for having the account ? There should be another plan I suppose that helps the customers to stick with Shopify and when they decide on running the store and making it live, they pay up and choose a plan !

Before you say, that there is "Pause & Build". Honestly, I do not feel you should be charging for the same. Ideally charges should be for running an online active store 

With that being said, please do consider this for the future updates i.e., to may be introduce a plan wherein your clients are still with you but under an unpaid plan wherein they do not have to close the account just to stop the charges !

Hoping to receive my answers to the above listed queries. Post which I can decide on closing the store !

Thank You