Really finding it hard to categories my products and set up navigation

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Hi, iv posted on here a few times relating to this question and iv had many varied replies with different options and opinions of how to set up the navigation and catagories on my store.

We stock thousands and thousands of lines and I can not make a database to upload to shopify until iv have sorted my products in to catagories (collections) and set up links etc. 


For example, my biggest problem at present is this collection:

So far, iv managed to use product tags to make it slightly easier for customers t ofind what they may need, but I find this method tempremental at best and extremely time consuming.

Now what I have done, as well as splitting the products using product tags, I have now created new collections (eg Dyson vacuum cleaner spares) and then added all the Dyson vacuum spares from the main collection (domestic vacuum cleaner spares) to this one. 

So now all the products are in 2 collections. All in one main collections called domestic vacuum cleaner spares, then split in to collections depending on manufacturer.


What I cant seem to do and do well is to now link everything together. Id love one main catagory for domestic vacuum cleaner spares. Ideally then Id like a customer to be able to pick from there manufacturer and be taken to the collection relating to there manufacturer. I was going to create a "page" called Domestic vacuum spares with a list of all the manufacturers so customers could then find there correct collection. If there was the option to create subcatagories, this would fix my issue right away. 

Id have main Collection called "domestic vacuum spares" then sub collections called "dyson vacuum spares" , "Electrolux vacuum spares" and so on. Then id like to repeat this but then with  example "washing machine spares" then sub collections "hotpoint washer spares" so on. 

Im getting in a knot with this and cant find a solution. If we can find one quick i will be forced to look into other shopping carts as they seem to be a lot more user firendly in regards to bulk uploading and catagorising products a lot easier. Any help or suggestions is highly appreciated --> if anyone could look and suggest any other ways of catagorising my items etc, I may be looking way to much into this and need to step back but its so frustrating at the moment!


Just to add, the other reason I was going to create a page and seperate collections for all my products is because when a customer clicks "domestic vacuum spares" id like the page to be able to display latest added items in that catagory or best selling items etc. Once a customer click onto "Dyson vacuum spares" id like the customer to just see Dyson products but on the spares page id also like to be able to advertise other dyson prducts etc and same for all the others.


Best regards and thanks in advance

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