Receipt - how to show exact date & time of transaction?

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In the receipt template, I see 


          {{ "now" | date: "%m/%d/%y" }}<br />

This outputs "02/11/19". So far, so good.



However, the "now" object changes this timestamp if the page is reloaded. I don't want it to show the *current* date on the receipt, but the actual date of the transaction.


Trying to use the "created_at" object, getting a blank output.

Also trying to add the hours in AM/PM format, also getting nowhere.


1.) Why isn't "created_at" doing anything?

2.) How can I make it output the actual transaction timestamp, and add the time, in the format "02/11/2019 10:32 AM"?


Advice and code examples would be much appreciated!

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Hey Nathan,


Have you tried to test the email by placing a test order so it goes through the full flow? created_at is definitely blank and wont work in preview mode as well as test emails.

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Let's start with seeing the actual code you have in place. You have given us one using "now" but not the one you want to use.

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