Receipts/Invoices in Multiple Currencies: Sufio App

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Hello all,

I am from Batik Boutique, a company that operates in both the United States and Malaysia. Our website and Shopify POS systems operate using USD, but we need the ability to print receipts at our boutique in RM (Ringgit Malaysia). We have pinpointed that Sufio is the application that will give us the ability to do so, and the step to install Sufio is quite simple but we need a bit of basic coding help. If anyone has some foundational knowledge of coding, and would be willing to help us, preferably through a remote application that will allow access to share my computer screen, that would be extremely helpful! If you think you can help, please let me know.



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Hi Lucas,

Please let us know if you need any help with setting up our app. If your store sells in multiple currencies, Sufio is able to automatically create invoices in the same currency your customers used while shopping in your Shopify store.

We already explain how to integrate Sufio with a number of multi-currency Shopify apps (like Coin or Currency Converter Plus) in our documentation, but the solution should be pretty flexible to work with any app.

Please note that these multi-currency Shopify apps are mostly intended for online stores. However, I am not sure if any of them supports Shopify POS.

Hope this helps,
Jan, Sufio 


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Hi Jan, 

Thank you for this! What we are looking to do, specifically, is print receipts in Ringgit Malaysia, while allowing customers continue to shop in US Dollars on our website. The reason for this is that our retail website, of which the majority of business is done in the USA, uses USD, but our boutique in Malaysia needs the ability to give out receipts in RM. Thus, we need an option that allows our in-store customers to have their receipts printed in RM, while the online store continues to be in USD. Is this an option? I was reading through here, and it definitely seems that this is indeed possible with you all.

Thanks again,