Received Refund Requests via Contact Us

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I received two refund requests this morning from customers who claim they ordered rocking chairs from another vendor, but my store received the payment. Here are the issues with the requests:

1) We do not sell rocking chairs, instead, we sell holistic hair care products.

2) There are no orders in the system, nor record of such payments.

3) One person claimed they clicked on a Facebook ad, but we have not advertised on Facebook.


I'm inclined to think that this is a scam, however, who is scamming who? Is the customer who is requesting the refund the scammer, or did my store get hijacked to scam others and lead back to my store? Is the later possible? How can I check to see if my store is part of such a scam?  


I'm hoping to catch this early and hope my store is not compromised. Please advise on the next steps or any other stories as such.