Received a chargeback notification from a personal email?

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I just looked in my spam folder where I found an email subject line "(Insert customer name) filed a chargeback"

I feel like this is just a scam but I want to be sure. Here is what leads me to believe this is fraudulent.

1. I have scoured my customer history and I did not find a customer by the name in the subject line

2. The email came to me from an email address domain A quick google search of the email domain returns a result of University of Western Ontario or something. 

3. The chargeback was for order #1974 but this does not line up with my order # formatting. Even if you abbreviate my order #'s, I don't see how this order number could exist.

3. The chargeback amount is for way more than anything I have sold in one sale. The items I sell are typically 59.99. The chargeback amount is for $473.60.

4. I have been assessed a $50 chargeback fee, but I have checked all my accounts and no one has collected $50 from me yet. 

Can anyone confirm that this is, in fact, a scam? Thank you!