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Hi !


I'm using Recharge App for one of my client ( 


We need to make a pack of products for one subscription.

The user create his own pack with all products (Product1 + Product2 + ...). 


Rules of the subscription : 


- At least 3 products to make a subscription 

- The user can manage the subscription in the customer portal but he has to keep 3 products at minimum in the pack 

- The user can skip for 1 or 2 months in the customer portal


The problem:


Recharge handle subscription only product by product. 

So i force the customer to get at least 3 products for the subscription in the checkout. I did it with liquid. 


But the problem is when the customer manage his subscription in his account. He can remove/skip product by product and not the entire subscription. So if he want a subscription with only one product he can do it by removing other products. 


An example:


1 - User => Subscribe with 3 products at minimum. (I can force him with the limit of 3 products, so no problem here)

2 - User => Go to the customer portal => Modify his past subscription ( 1 - ) by removing/skipping 2 products => So now there is only one product in the subscription. 


Someone who got the same problem with Recharge ? 


Thank you ! 



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We have always had problems with ReCharge app. Customer Service is poor when we are lucky. We have given up. I am wondering whether or not Shopify cares about third app ethics. But this is another story. You can try to contact them. You may be luckier than we have. We have never been able to get a decent service from them. PS: They answer really fast when it comes to invoicing/payment issues though.